Enhanced Innovative In situ Biotechnologies for Contaminated Land Remediation

EiCLaR integrates abiotic interventions with ISBR to facilitate biological processes by initiating the degradation or “cracking” the contaminants, increasing their accessibility, by moving organisms, by reducing inhibitory conditions, or some combination of these effects. These effects extend, accelerate and optimise the use of ISBR. The specific technology developments being considered in EiCLaR are:

Advanced combination of nanoiron (nZVI) and organohalide-respiring bacteria augmented by electrochemical enhancement for removal of chlorinated pollutants
Monitored Bioaugmentation and enhanced electrokinetic distribution as a highly innovative and promising approach for metabolic aerobic chlorethene degrading processes

Bioelectrochemical remediation by anodic and cathodic microbial stimulation for soil/groundwater systems treatment.
Enhanced phytoremediation through a combination of fungal (mycorrhizal) addition and electrokinetic treatment.
Within this section the conceptual underpinnings for each specific project objective are elaborated.