European Partners


It is a specialist research consultancy, and a micro-SME, with expertise in sustainable and risk based brownfield re-use, contaminated land assessment and remediation; circular economy and sustainability assessment.

  • Key person Prof. Paul Bardos

DVGW_Technologiezentrum Wasser Karlsruhe (TZW)

German Water Centre in Karlsruhe (DVGW-TZW) is part of DVGW e.V., the German Gas and Waterworks Association, and a non-profit and independent institution. The section Environmental Biotechnology of the DVGW-TZW works on biological degradation processes. The department has many years of experience with research projects in the fields of contaminated site management and bioremediation.

  • Key person Prof. Andreas Tiehm

USTUTT_University of Stuttgart, VEGAS

The Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation, VEGAS, at the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT), Germany, is a leading research facility for all aspects of contaminated land redevelopment and remediation technologies as well as for geothermal energy storage.VEGAS is a laboratory providing facilities for experiments of various sizes.

  • Key person Dr. Ing. Simon Kleinknecht

PWT_Photon Water Technology

Photon Water Technology (a member of Photon Energy Group) is a SME focused on technology development, remediation projects, hydrogeological projects and algae treatment in surface waters. PWT has experience in in-situ remediation projects using electro kinetical and nano zero-valent iron based remediation processes.

  • Key person Dr. Petr Kvapil

LTU_Luleå University of Technology

The research at the group of Waste Science and Technology (WS&T), LTU, aims at developing tools for sustainable waste management. Contaminated sites, are studied, such as, origin, properties, collection, treatment, reuse, risk assessment and remediation of contaminated soil using a broad range of techniques.

WS&T has experience in characterization of contaminated sites, development of soil stabilisation techniques using soil amendments and industrial by-products, development of tools for the assessment of soil remediation efficiency.

  • Key person Prof. Jurate Kumpiene

TUL_Technical University of Liberec

A dynamic university of medium size that joins forms of technical and university education.

TUL is a co-owner of a Czech patent for an unique technology, using electric field for supporting of nZVI for groundwater remediation and in cooperation with industry partners is this technology widely utilized and further developed. TUL has a long term experiences with application of zero-valent iron nanoparticles in contaminated groundwater treatment including more than 15 pilot applications and participation on two full scale successful remediations.

  • Key person Ing. Jaroslav Nosek, Ph.D.

SPAQUE_ Société Publique d’Aide à la Qualité de l’Environnement

SPAQUE has as main mission the rehabilitation of landfills, the remediation of brownfields and contaminated soil management.

SPAQUE is an active member in the Common forum on Contaminated Land, initiated in 1994, that is a network of contaminated land policy makers, regulators and technical advisors from Environment Authorities in European Union member states and European Free Trade Association countries.

  • Key person MS. Marta Popova

CL:AIRE_ Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments

CL:AIRE is a leading independent not‐for‐profit organisation promoting the sustainable reuse of land. It prides itself on being the most influential organisation in the UK that promotes innovative remediation across all the contaminated sectors whilst also being active in Europe with an international reach and reputation.

CL:AIRE has an extensive audience of contacts including policy makers, practitioners, regulators, site owners, researchers and the general public across the world.

  • Key person Project director Nicola Harries

  • Key person Project director Rob Sweeney

DSBP_Dutch Sino Business Promotions B.V

Dutch Sino Business Promotions has been the prime supplier of NICOLE since 2012, organizing the bi-annual workshops and coordinating daily management affairs. Throughout the years, DSBP has built up a broad and strong network in the field of environmental sustainability in both Europe and China. Throughout extensive network, we connect both Dutch and Chinese clients to reach their ambitions for the international market.

  • Key person MSc. Nan Su

  • Key person Project manager Daisy Zhang

BoSS_Consult GmbH

BoSS Consult services include contaminated sites, brownfield remediation, groundwater and groundwater modeling.

By means of computer-aided numerical modelling, BoSS Consult provides solutions to address a broad range of questions related to: Assessment of groundwater contamination risk; Evaluating the remediation potential of natural attenuation; etc.

  • Key person Dr. Matthias Loschko
  • Key person Dr. Luca Trevia


SERPOL is a leading remediation company in France (part of SERFIM Group) and develops its activities thanks to multidisciplinary teams (geologist, chemist, civil engineers, lab technicians) and skilled operators applying quality and security management procedures.

SERPOL has experiences for more than 30 years over 1.000 references, including large international companies in Soil, groundwater and industrial site remediation, Landfills clean-up and exploitation (biogas valorisation, leachates treatment, waste sorting processes).

  • Key person Dr. Antoine Joubert


EKOGRID OY (previously named Eko Harden Technologies Oy) is a 11 years old SME focusing on developing industrial applications for soil, ground water and surface waters treatment. Practically all applications will utilize company’s own IPR, patents and know-how, related to controlled use of various Electrokinetic processes. The name of the company comes from the words Electrokinetic Oxidation (EKO).

Currently the main applications are related to the soil and ground water remediation projects to degrade organic pollutants in soil; In Situ and/or Ex Situ.

  • Key person MSc. Erkki Lindberg
  • Key person COO Iisak Lusua

Chinese Partners

ISSAS – The Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

ISSAS has been in charge of promoting the development of agriculture and ecological environmental in China. Over the years, it has gradually developed into a powerful and influential international research centre with a complete suite of sub-disciplines of soil sciences.

  • Key person Prof. Xin Song

SJTU – Shanghai Jiao Tong University

SJTU is one of the higher education institutions with a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China. The research group at SJTU affiliated to State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism. Their studies focus on the microbial ecology in wastewater and soil environment, especially, the denitrifying bacterial communities and their functional mechanisms.

  • Key person Prof. Xiaojun Zhang

ZJU – Zhejiang University (Hangzhou)

ZJU, founded in 1897, is one of China’s oldest, most selective, and most prestigious institutions of higher education. ZJU investigates bioremediation mechanisms of cVOCs and heavy metal co-contaminants, and develops the BES enhanced bioremediation system.

  • Key person Prof. He-Ping Zhao

CUG – China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

CUG is a national key university affiliated with the Ministry of Education. Regarding environmental research, it specializes in soil and groundwater, particularly the later, contamination and remediation. It has the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geology and Biogeology, and has the only one innovation group of NSFC, “Environmental hydrogeology” group.

  • Key person Prof. Songhu Yuan

GIG – Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

GIGCAS is one of the top Chinese research institutions in earth and environmental sciences. It is committed to research in a series of fields, including organic geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, celestial chemistry, water isotope chemistry, environmental pollution, sustainable development, global changes.

  • Key person Prof. Chungling Luo